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MCA regards the appearance of our students, both at school and at school sponsored events (on site and off site), as a reflection of the image we choose to project.  MCA has adopted a dress code policy that seeks to honor God, the school, and our community.  The following dress code is in effect for K-3 through 12th grade students. All students and parents are expected to abide by and support the dress code policies.   Students not in conformity to the Academy’s dress code will not be allowed to enter the classroom until the infraction is corrected.  Any work missed due to inappropriate dress will be counted as an unexcused absence and not made up.   
 Shirts / Tops
  • Students will wear short sleeve polo style shirts with collars and buttons. Long sleeve polo style shirts may be worn for cold weather.  Shirts will be solid in color with no stripes or designs.   If the shirt has a small manufacturer logo, it must be generally inconspicuous and smaller than an inch (quarter sized).   The color options are White, Navy Blue, Burgundy/Maroon, Black or Gray.  Ladies may also wear light Pink. 
  • Shirt color should contrast the trouser/skirt color so students are not wearing black shirts with black trousers etc.
  • On Fridays only, students may wear the navy blue warrior spirit shirt.  Special event shirts and all other spirit shirts are not authorized.


Pants/Trousers / Jeans
  • Pants/Trousers/ may be worn on regular school days.  Trousers will be chino cloth/ twill fabric cotton/cotton & synthetic blends such as Dockers style and must be Khaki, Navy, or Black in color. 
  • Jeans may be worn on Fridays with the school spirit shirt.  Jeans must be plain in design.  No designs, patches or hand-written messages are allowed.   Jeans may not be cut or contain any holes. 
  • Trousers and jeans must be worn at the natural waist line. No bagging, sagging or dragging.  Underwear must be covered at all times. Students will not wear athletic shorts under slacks/jeans.
  • If jeans or trousers are loose, then a belt must be worn. 
  • Shorts are allowed for PreK 3 through 12th grades.  Trousers will be chino cloth/ twill fabric cotton/cotton & synthetic blends such as Dockers style and must be Khaki, Navy, or Black in color.  Shorts must be knee length.  Middle and High School Students who do not conform to this policy will have this privilege revoked.
  • Cargo pants and cargo shorts are not to be worn to school by middle and high school students. 


Skirts / Capris
  • Girls are permitted to wear skirts on regular school days.  Skirts will be chino cloth/ twill fabric cotton/cotton & synthetic blends such as Dockers style and must be Khaki, Navy, or Black in color.  Skirts may not be tight fitting and must be knee-length (no more than two inches above the knee).  Slits are not allowed.  Modesty is the guiding principle in this area.  Girls may wear capris that extend to the calf, similar to the trousers. 


Coats, Jackets, Sweaters and Hoodies
  • Coats and Jackets may be worn to and from school and while outside.
  • Sweaters may be worn while in the classroom.  Sweaters may be either cardigan style or v-neck pullover style.  Sweaters must be solid in color with no stripes or designs. The color options for sweaters are white, navy blue, burgundy/maroon, black or gray.   
  • Pullover hoodies or any other type of pullover other than a v-neck sweater are not authorized.
  • MCA zippered sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom.  No other sweatshirt is authorized to be worn in the classroom.
  • To prevent loss, coats, jackets, sweaters, and MCA sweatshirts should be marked with the student’s name.  
Physical Education (Middle/High School only)
  • Students will wear navy shorts and t-shirts.  T-shirts may be plain gray, navy, black, or the MCA PT shirt, or any other school T-shirt. 


  • Gym shoes, boots, and Mary Jane style shoes are recommended footwear for students.  Open toe shoes are not permitted. 
  • The following footwear in not acceptable for students:  Sandals, Flip Flops, Crocs, Heeleys, Light up shoes


  • Hair must be clean and neatly groomed (combed or brushed) at all times. Male students will not wear excessively long hair. 
  • Hair may not be colored in a shade that is not a natural human shade.
  • No words, pictures, designs or symbols may be cut into the hair.
  • Male students are not allowed to have noticeable facial hair. 
  • Styles may not be faddish. Note: Mohawks and spikes are not acceptable.


Tattoos and Body Markings
  • Tattoos (real or fake) are not allowed.
  • Students may not write, draw or paint on face, arms or legs. (Exception: school approved spirit decals sold by the spirit squad may be worn on game days only)


  • Approved jewelry is limited to watches, rings, bracelets and necklaces.  
  • Exposed body piercings (other than girl’s simple earrings) are unacceptable.  Boys will not wear earrings.
  • MCA is not responsible for lost or stolen jewelry.


  • Facial make-up must not be a distraction.  Female students may wear modest cosmetics that are not faddish.


Prohibited items
  • Hats/caps inside the building (exceptions: field trips and sporting events at the gym)
  • Sunglasses (exceptions: field trips and sporting events)
  • Bandanas
  • “Do rags”
  • Picks or combs in hair




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